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      Through the wonders of web 2.0 technology (whatever the hell that is) you can post your comments on both blog articles and on the forums here.

      1) To post a new topic on the forums, go to the [Forums] tab and hit the “New topic” button. You can also add “tags” to your post to make it easier for people to find relevant stuff.

      2) To post comments on individual blog articles just hit the [x comments] link under each article and type your comments. If you are a registered user you just need to log in at the top right before posting. You can post anonymously if you prefer but you’ll need to type an addition anti-spam code, which isn’t really all that burdensome.

      3) If you’re a registered user and are logged in you can click on your name in the right menu bar to go to your profile. Once there you can add your latest news after the “What’s new [your name]?” box. It’s like Facebook, except better.

      Any activity on the blog or forums is compiled into the “Activity” tab, so you can see at a glance what’s been happening and can easily leap into the commenting action.

      Finally, it’s worth mentioning there are a few rules and guidelines on using the blog or forums which can be found here: In essence, the main rule is “don’t be an idiot” and remember Shoot Up isn’t a democracy, it’s a benign dictatorship run by Alison and me. So go forth and enjoy!

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