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      I have learnt so much about diabetes after a week in hospital following surgery.

      1. The ward is too busy to sort this out, your blood sugar is only 11, you’ll be fine for a bit.
      No problem, I’ll give you a shout when I’m in DKA shall I?
      After 24 hours on a sliding scale the cannula had blocked and was removed. Unbeknown to me, thanks to buckets of morphine making me see little green men (no, I don’t mean surgeons) my pump had been locked in the drug drawer by my bed. I could hear it alarming plaintively but couldn’t get it out. I had to argue to get the drawer unlocked to get some insulin.

      2. Sugar levels of 10 – 16 are fine and only to be expected in hospital.
      Why? I don’t expect them at home. Apparently 4.9 is too low for a type 1 and should immediately be treated with a plate of biscuits.

      3. An insulin pump is indeed the self same thing as a sliding scale.
      I was told to increase my basal level from 0.6 to 2 units per hour! After arguing the point I chose to ignore this advice on the grounds of wishing to remain conscious and hoped for a swift discharge home.

      Apart from that I am am exceedingly grateful for the treatment I received, just a bit alarmed about the diabetes side of it.

      Have you had received any bizarre advice/treatments ?

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