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    Fans of the, admittedly niche, topic of typography and diabetes will be interested to learn that I bought a new FreeStyle Lite blood glucose meter yesterday. The first thing I noticed was that they have changed the typography on the meter so that “Lite” is no longer in italics and it appears they’ve used a new font. It’s a rather modern looking sans-seriff which I rather like, with perhaps the exception of the down-stroke on the lower-case t.

    I was going to email Abbott to ask what the font was, but I suspect they have better things to do.

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    After your recent ‘poop in fractions’ misreading, I find it interesting that I misread your post as ‘admittedly nice topic…’

    Of course I’m not suggesting any legibility issues with the carefully tweaked suopu typography @tim, but it did make me smile giiven the topic ;)

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    I have to confess I don’t know which typeface we use on Shoot Up – it’s just the one that came with the theme. The header at the top of each page is in Ornitons – which is quite a neat typeface I currently like. Thrilling eh?

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    Main body text is (in order of availability) Arial, Tahoma, Verdana or whatever unspecified sans-serif exists.

    I’m slightly troubled by the difference in the angle between the cross stroke of the lowercase ‘t’ and the terminals of ascenders and descenders, and the overall appearance of the lowercase ‘r’, but this is just the sort of thing my wife always tells me off about when I’m reading restaurant menus :)

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    @mike – ha ha! There’s nothing wrong with an appreciation of good typography!

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    This text is Arial. I LOVE fonts. I’m just as sad as you.

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    Hurrah! Typography rocks!

    For those that don’t like typography, I recommend reading “Just My Type” by Simon Garfield as a starter for ten. Great wee book.

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