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      Do you ever get one of those once in a decade/lifetime days when you can do no wrong control wise?

      Yesterday I awarded myself this accolade. My cgm flat lined between 4.1 and 5.0 all day, I was like Midas. By late evening I was starting to think something must be seriously wrong and scientifically prodded my pump and poked my sensor to make sure they were actually connected to me. I had all but decided that for the past 35 years I must have been treating a disease that I obviously no longer had.

      Life was so predictable and enjoyable. Sadly just 10 years minus 1 day to go until the next occurrence.

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      You’re a diabetic genius, congratulations! I irritate myself on days like this – rather than basking in my own magnificence, I seem to spend it double checking results and worrying about why eveything is so calm.

      Just goes to show, you can never please a diabetic!

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      The award was retrospective as I too spent the day in disbelief waiting for normal service to resume. If only we could be notified in advance of our special day when superb control would be bestowed on us and just thoroughly enjoy the experience.

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