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Hello you lovely people

I was wondering if I might be able to speak to any of you for 10-15 minutes for a bit of diabetes research I am undertaking? The context to this request: I have worked in healthcare for a while and got quite frustrated with the buzzwords we often hear in the NHS – patient-centred care, patient empowerment etc. I feel passionately about how end service users – like ourselves – should be involved in any healthcare decision-making. I left my role to explore new ways of how people can be placed at the heart of healthcare delivery, especially around how technology can be used to connect people. You are all already on this journey through the use of this online community so I was keen to speak with you.

I am in the process of speaking to a number of people with diabetes, charities and healthcare organisations. I would love to have a quick chat to better understand the impact of diabetes on your daily life and what services you feel are currently missing in your local areas. Please drop me a line at if you are up for a brief chat! Many thanks for your help.