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I bought a cyclocross race-bike last winter, as I finally had to admit that slick tyres don’t work all that well on snow and ice. Which is probably more than a little stupid, as new tyres might have done the trick, but I blame that on something else. Sleep-deprivation due to little child, maybe … or onset of old age. Or something.

However, it looks like there might be enough room in the shed for a roadbike and a mountain bike. The bicycle test said I need a “touring fully”. Which only helped a little bit, if I’m honest – but I accept and appreciate that I’m not looking for a downhill racing bike. Luckily, we have (at least) two rather good bicycle internet shoppy things over here. Their bikes are usually tested as “bloody brilliant” and they are a LOT cheaper than the ones in the shops. With the obvious drawback that there is no local salesperson you can beg to fix it all. Components are usually about two grades higher than what you get for the same cost in the shops, though.

And … it seems my wife actually supports another bike. Which makes me wonder – does she want me out of the house? (<- this also isn’t true :).