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Hi @fiona, tell your son that by completing the course it will enable him to take care of himself when he leaves home; it will allow him to indulge in drinking sessions which he can adjust/ accommodate his insulin regime for and he will be able to have any type of food with a sound knowledge of how much insulin to have so he is neither hypo or hyper. Lets face it at 16 its a scary place to be and he will want to fit in with his peers. With the “carb knowledge” he can master most problems.

My hospital ran its own version of Dafne and having had diab 35 years I thought I knew most of it any way. Yes I did know most of it but the people there where great lots of laughs and everyone had time to listen to each other. I don’t know if its available but there was a research programme for teens with mobile to put in their insulin ratio what carbs they would eat and it worked out their dose. You could phone Bournemouth hospital to see if its available. It was through the research that I managed to have my pump so anything is possible these days!

Good Luck to him and well done you for caring.