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I’m afraid my experiences of hospitals is similar to that of many above – I have been unfortunate enough to shatter my left leg twice – once sky diving, and the other scaffolding collapsed, the result in both cases is the same – the ground is harder than your bones.

On the second occasion they wanted me to go on the sliding scale but I refused point blank, then had a succession of gradually more senior people coming to tell me they knew more about my body than I did – given that they were in the main orthopedic doctors I told them quite bluntly that they may know more about my bones – which by the way were broken, but I knew about my Diabetes. I did get quite stroppy – and I don’t think it was down to the pain killers.

I was eventually spoken to by a ‘senior’ administrator who told me I HAD to do what the doctors told me to do – I told her if any of the medical staff tried to give me the sliding scale I would make a formal complaint to the local police re assault – ABH, as they were expressly going against my wishes and therefore committing an assault – that shut her up and I was able to use my pens with my insulin and my monitoring system and my BG’s remained pretty good. Although I got pretty poor service from the staff on the ward – but I didn’t really care about that as the bones were screwed back together and all I wanted to do was get out of the place.

Dr’s and nurses can be very very good – but they are not gods and need to be told every now and then.