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Hairy Gnome

@Tim – It’s entirely because you’re a tight Scots git! :D

No, I didn’t really mean that Tim, you may not raise money for charity, but you do give your time to administering this blog which is just as valuable. Contributions to society can’t be measured entirely in monetary terms, far more important in my book is an open heart and an open mind. Mind you, I do contribute to charities in small ways, as a man of limited means I try to use money that I have to spend to benefit a cause of some sort, like buying a reusable shopping bag from the local Air Ambulance charity stall, or buying a pink ribbon from the Breast Cancer charity (actually wearing the badge shows my support and may persuade others to contribute).

I don’t think they’re ever going to find a cure for diabetes, but improved methods of treatment have to be good, so diabetes charities have their place, but I wouldn’t favour them above others. Whether you’re wrong or justifiably stingy @Tim is down to you and how you feel, it’s absolutely nothing to do with anyone else, despite my opening statement! ;)