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Hi David,

I’ll chip in with my thoughts. +1 for the led light idea. It’s the one thing I miss on my current meters.
I like the size if it’s similar to a Multiclix pricker or slightly larger; if it’s as big as a Novopen then it’s getting a bit chunky.
The all in one is great but the biggest problem I have for creating a compact case is the test strips. The Compact does that but as you say remains chunky.
Would the design fit the Multiclix lancets as this would also negate the need for carrying spares of needles for those obsessed with a clean lancet each time rather than each St Swithen’s Day? – I know! Apparently they do exist!
Tests in the dark are key so a good way to feel / feed the strip in is invaluable.
For me at the moment accuracy and the ability to download easily are my desires. Looks are important and small is always good but accuracy is number 1 factor and has led to me leaving behind nice looking meters before. On the flip to that I’ve also dumped meters who’s carrying size including strips capsule and pricker are too big. I always tend to go back to my Aviva Nano when needing something compact but that could be down to me never getting round to changing my prescription for the Freestyle that gets good reviews elsewhere.

I’ve just reread my reply and it’s a bit jumbled but I hope you see what I’m saying

Good look on your quest.