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When I went on holiday with my ex last year I discovered I needed a new sharps bin (I’m awful for leaving used needles in my bedroom but thought I’d better be more responsible when spending 2 weeks in a tent with the ex – on second thoughts perhaps I should have left them lying around….) Anyway, I went into a pharmacy and asked if I could have a new sharps bin while smiling sweetly. The woman behind the counter asked if I was taking part in the needle exchange policy so I asked “I bring you my dirty needles and you get rid of them? Can’t I just get a new sharps bin?” She went on to explain that if I brought my used gear in she would give me fresh supplies. I was still grinning away stupidly at her and agreed that would make sense until said ex (who is a policeman in sunny Easterhouse – ahem – bent over the counter and said “she’s diabetic”. The wee pharmacist went bright red and promptly handed me a black sharps bin. I was amazed by the ;