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Hello John, I had my first machine around then too! I had a Minimed 507, then 508 (bought by my mum for me) then a Cozmo Deltec loan for a few years, then (by pure luck) I had one bought for me by my PCT the month before Deltec stopped making them.

I believe that CGM isn’t funded by the NHS except as a ‘special’ case though, ie if you have very difficult control with, for instance, no hypo warning signs.

My Consultant is willing to get me a Veo plus the CGM, or let me have a look at a transplant with a view to having one… but I’m not so sure I want to have to find space on me for two sites to put things into all the time! Not convinced about the safety of sensors yet – I’m sure they are ok, but I’m still wary of new technology – look at how ‘human’ insulin turned out.

I have opted for a blood sugar alerting dog!