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If you have got a CGM: are you pleased with it ? : I’m not as enthused as @alison, but when it works it rocks!

how easy/difficult is it to use ? : Piece of p… ;)

would you be parted from it ? : Yes, in fact I’m on a break from it at the moment.

what does it actually usefully do ? : Umm, warnings when BG is above / below pre-set limits. BG trending over time.

would you recommend it to someone who hasn’t got one but has got a Veo (eg Me ) ? : If you’ve got the money to burn then yes. If you have to fork out for it because you want to try it, then no. As above, do the PCT have a loaner?

Here’s an email I got from Medtronic when I started asking about it :

If you are considering self funding for the Continuous Glucose Monitoring aspect of the Paradigm®
VeoT System, the price of the Continuous Glucose Monitoring Starter Kit including the MiniLink,
download software, CareLink USB Adaptor and a box of 4 glucose sensors is £250 when purchased
at the time of the pump (or £535 if purchased at a later date). When used with the Paradigm® VeoT
System, sensors need to be changed every 6 days and the cost will depend on whether you wanted
to use these occasionally in order to immediately adjust insulin therapy when sick, exercising etc or
whether you wanted to aim to use sensors all of the time. A box of 10 sensors £375.00 or a box of 4
sensors is £160.00. Glucose sensors have a life of 6 months from point of manufacture so the 4
box should be considered if you are only anticipating occasional sensor use. Continuous use of the
sensors could cost as little as £6.25 per day.