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I don’t need a thermometer to tell me it’s hot – just a quick look i n the landry bin to see how many t shirts/nighties I’ve put in that day (or more likely night, I don’t do mornings lol)
Heat definitely makes me hypo – but on the plus side my cat will come and give me a cuddle (or maybe she’s just after some chicken for her bowl?)
Still, there’s always a bottle of Lucozade in the fridge – actually there isn’t, there’s a Tesco own brand thing which tastes the same (ghastly), looks the same (rather like a gone off sample the doctor should have been given) and costs 72p rather than one pound 89.
Or on a more enjoyable note, there’s a catering size box of After Eights on the coffee table ……. now, when’s me next hypo ?!