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OR how about fermenting your sweet, sweet, diabetic wee?
A little gem (recipe?) from Robert Tattersall’s Diabetes – The Biography (felt it was high time I learned the history of my disease.

In 1780…Francis Home (1719-1831), Professor of Materia Medica, treated two patients Arthur (aged 42) and Murray (24) and showed that diabetic urine could be fermented.
He mixed half a pint of yeast with 24 pints of Arthur’s urine: ‘It soon began to ferment, and exit a strong vapour, like fermenting liquors. Next day it fermented strongly. On the third, the fermentation seemed over, it had lost all sweetness and tasted like small beer. Murray’s treated in the same way, fermented into a tolerable small beer’
(Francis Home – Clinical Experiments, Histories and Dissections – Edinburgh, 1780)