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@nigho its an absolute right of anyone to choose who provides their healthcare, my body is not the place to provide training to incompetent doctors…

In my case after several problems with my hospital resulting in repeated hospitalisation , I wrote to the hospital to tell them their appointments were no longer needed & I would instead see my doctor to take care of me.

Again in my case my hba1c fell by 10 points & I stopped having weekly hypos which needed to be treated by ambulance, as I’m older & wiser now I would these days put a complaint in to the bma but back then I for a while put up with ‘treating’ the rising hba1c & horrendous htpos with ‘lets increase your insulin even further, the monthly meetings were pointless to me because the doc wasn’t listening & after being rushed to hospital my gp would look at what he’d done & go ‘why’

I’m now back under hospital care but under a different PCT as there’s no way I’d go back where I was!

More generally, my intention was to say a DNA is failure to attend an appointment without notifying the healthcare provider, frankly if someone chooses not to see a doctor for their diabetes I’d advise against it but its their choice as an adult.

@alison is right a doctor should explain why a meeting is useful to them, but not all do or are capable of that. I’m sure most of us see both a hospital & our GP or a nurse at our GP – at least 50% of those meetings must be pointless & dealt with better by effective sharing of health records.

My new hospital always writes to my GP with a summary of meetings & test results, cc’ing myself , yet my GP under their new management don’t do the same with the hospital. Infact i’ve had proper arguments with them & needed to use threats of the data protection act to get them to release MY test results to me to share with the hospital!

This I suspect is a problem of protecting payments of diabetes care & weirdly may make me go full circle & write to my GP telling them I will no longer attend.