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Well, if anyone hasn’t been able to be available, it’s me. What has resulted are two thoughtful, kind, empathetic children. So what if you can’t deal with every issue straight away? No child really needs immediate attention, unless they are choking or about to fall down a mine or something, and you know what? That hardly ever happens, and if it does, there’s usually someone else there, and if they aren’t, something in your body sees their needs as more important and you manage!

It was hard occasionally if the baby wanted feeding and I was too low, but I’d eat, the baby would cry, and then I’d feed. They learned patience.

The children of friends who jumped through hoops? Not so nice!

My daughter is now 23 and trying to save the planet, my son is 18 and looking at universities and also wants to do something good. I spent a lot of time explaining why, what, who, how to understand other people and their limitations, and it works!

Annette, if you want children go ahead. Immediate attention is not all it’s cracked up to be.