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Hi there all. Sorry to say been there done it got the t shirt now got a pump – much easier! I think after a while the Lantus just doesn’t want to work because your body is so used to it. Doing extra blood tests every 2hrs is great fun but it does indicate were the problem is. Getting the basal rate on the pump is interesting fasting( never knew diabs could do that!) and testing ev 2hrs but it pays off.

Based on using a pump my basal rates are
1 unit of Novorapid every hour from 8pm until 1am.
0.9 units from1am-2am
0.4 units from 2am -4am DP clearly shown here and I never believed it happened!
0.6 units from 4am till 5pm
0.7 units from 5pm-8pm
This gives me a basal rate of 16.6 which can be modified to accommodate exercise etc.

I found having two lots of Lantus really confusing and annoying as I’d been told it was a 24hr insulin.

I think as we all get older every thing changes and we have to adapt sometimes the insulin doesn’t allow this to happen. That’s my view right or wrong. Its just another problem for us pancreatically challenged.

Good luck anyway and keep us posted on the outcome @AndyG