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If we had something like a “SCSI standard” (the standard that allows me to plug most any hard drive into any computer with a SCSI controller and have it actually work) for meters, then the endless upgrade cycles wouldn’t be so bad.

One reason I hang on to a meter until my doctor practically shoves a new one in my pocket as I’m trying to leave the office is because each and every one requires special, proprietary software ($$), cable ($$$), and Microsoft operating system ($$$$$) in order to do a simple download of my data. If there was an open standard so that I could just get a new meter and still download my data, I’d be happy.

I really don’t care how many colors it can use in a report or how fast it can upload all my data to a web site for every hax0r to see. I just want my damn data.

What’s that? The original question? Oh yeah… I’ll pick b. The meters are already quite adequate. It’s time for the price to come down.