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Hi Tim and Alison – many thanks for getting back – I strongly suspect my good A1c results were in the past due to massive over doses of QA – eg for the evening dose the Consultant put me on 18 units of Humalog, I now rarely use more than 9 units.

The over dosing meant that whilst my BG was low – ish, I was eating to keep it up so put on a bit of weight – as you do when you get older and slow down.

I also strongly suspected that there was a link between the CHO I eat and the amount of QA I put in, but the HCP’s all said – oh no, you just do as the nice consultant says – so I spent many years just lying to them all and telling them I stuck to the rigid 8,16 and 18 doses of QA, but of course I didn’t really know or understand the true relationship until DAFNE – which has helped enormously with keeping the A1c down and losing weight.

I am a Police officer – and was discriminated against – when they could do such things, due to my T1. The DDA has changed many things and made many improvements, but I am thinking of going back into battle with them re T1 and firearms and I suspect a pump would make my argument a bit stronger.

Alison – thanks for the link, I read it with interest, I will bare it in mind when I next see my GP – who now also runs my Diabetes as I moved house and it is too far to go to the hospital I was under and with whom I had a great relationship – now the old guard had moved on.

I don’t really get the huge swings in BG, but I can be a pain in the butt and quality of life with the ability to closely monitor are a good place to start.