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Bit of a result in recent weeks….. Been doing a course called InSight which is run by the OCDEM in Oxfordshire. It’s a similar plan to DAFNE but is completed over the course of 6 weeks, the idea being that each bit of knowledge is put into pracice during the week and looked at at the next meet. So far I have discovered that I was ramming too much juice into my system (wrong bolus ratio) and that it takes longer than my natural impatience can handle for changes to take effect – ho hum.

Saying that, my himalaya style chart is now more representative of rolling cotswold hills and I can see that my basal may need to be increased a bit.

A useful and educational course that I can reccommend. I believe it’s not exclusive to the oxford area and is being rolled out around the country.!

Here’s to a sub 7.0 HbA1c at some point!!