More diabetic peg-legs in south west of country

By | 25 November, 2010
A post-amputee diabetic, yesterday

A post-amputee diabetic, yesterday

The BBC is reporting that a new NHS compiled “Atlas of Variation in Healthcare” shows that “the rate of major amputations [due to diabetes complications] in the South West, at three in 1,000, is almost twice the rate in the South East.” Variations in the amputation rates in diabetes patients in England have been described as shocking by Diabetes UK. The atlas also reveals a big variation in the percentage of people with diabetes who are receiving all the essential checks to monitor their condition.

It probably won’t come as a wild surprise to most readers to see that diabetes care varies wildly around the country, but you can read all the gory details on the following pages.



NHS Atlas:

6 thoughts on “More diabetic peg-legs in south west of country

  1. Tim

    Neville was going to expand on the headline and suggest that there’s a correlation between west country amputation rates, west country accents, amputated legs, eye patches and pirates that hasn’t been explored in this report. But he thought it would be in poor taste.

  2. Tim

    And the mutant children who are 7 feet tall, with no body hair, who are kept locked in the attic. Typical west country stuff.

  3. Cecile

    Too much soider/saydahrr/saaidrr and tiddy oggy – enough to make any self-respecting limbs drexy.

  4. Rohan

    Well, I suppose that’s one good reason to have moved out of Devon! Still doesn’t make up for living in Coventry though! 😛


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