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The Roman Rumble cometh

Avid readers of your soaraway Shoot Up will be aware that I will be cycling across Britain dressed as a Roman in aid of the Pendsey Trust next week. My cycling partner Stephan has decided that we should include the Hardknott and Wrynose Passes in Cumbrian as part of the route. These are both listed… Read More »

Training for the Roman Rumble

In amongst the tremendous announcement of your soaraway Shoot Up’s first baby, life has been moving along in an orderly fashion. I’ve been busy training for the Roman Rumble – the long-distance bike ride I’m doing in June. So how’s it been going? My first two training runs didn’t go too well I’m afraid to… Read More »

The Roman Rumble

Avid readers of your very own soaraway Shoot Up won’t failed to have seen our interview with one of the founders of the brilliant Pendsey Trust. We thought it was such a great cause that I and my chum Stephan decided to cycle alongside Hadrian’s Wall dressed as Romans in a Shoot Up first –… Read More »

Interview: The Pendsey Trust

Recently your soaraway Shoot Up was contacted by Lucy Laycock, one of the founding members of The Pendsey Trust: a UK-based charity dedicated to helping people with type 1 in developing countries. Eager to talk about a good cause and prop up our rather shaky journalistic credentials, Lucy agreed to help us out with an… Read More »