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Thanks for the responses everyone, I appreciate the comments. I like the idea about the LED on the end, it would be very easy to incorporate. I considered it at first but it’s a little tricky to show off in a render- I might post an update including it.

The size of the meter is a bit uncertain (I’m not sure about all the internal parts), though I’m sure there’s space to eliminate. But since I was aiming to make it integrate into an insulin pen case I simply made roughly the same size (as an insulin pen). Which if you consider current available mini meters plus a lancet device would be about the same size. There’s also the potential to include things such as bluetooth to exchange data with a smartphone (certainly room for it). Perhaps some sort of management app for android or iphone, but does anyone think that would be useful or practical? Any other ideas are welcome.

My concerns for making multiple things integrated were practicality, especially since you’d have a case to store things in. The speed and accuracy of the device isn’t something that I’d really have control over- since I’m just a designer. But I’d presume that since it would likely need/use modern updated hardware that speed and accuracy wouldn’t be a negative factor.

If you are interested about the technical aspects of glucose meters then this is a good article/page:

I’d like to hear any other comments or suggestions, did anyone get a chance to look at the full presentation?