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Afraid not @stephen, I usually do lunch around 1pm, but didn’t have lunch, or have a meal bolus, till after I wrote my post – infact I’m just polishing off my lunch now (yum!) – I was waiting for it to get down to somewhere sensible before eating, to avoid an afternoon of fire fighting a high from a non working meal bolus. So the 14.5 was definitely just from non absorbing basal and the drop from the correction bolus.

You are right though – it is quick. I’m very insulin sensitive. (carb ratio 1:20, correction 1:6 and TDD of 24-27)
When I started pumping I attempted to follow the advice of bolusing 20 mins before eating – yeah, a few lucozade apĂ©ritif’s later and I decided to knock that idea on the head! now I just add it in with the food in front of me and seem to hold fine going by my post meal levels.