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So do you have special “Shoot Up” t-shirts to hand out? (been there, done that… ha ha) I was told when first diagnosed that yes, injecting through clothes was the way to go – “that’s what pens are designed for” as the consultant said… Through jeans, the lot, but as previously mentioned, it does blunt the needles and as I always reused them anyway, it did get a bit painfull.

Did get a bit confused and nipped to the loo to inject (I think it was my Mum’s idea – she has a lot to answer for..) but several years later, was perfectly happy to breast-feed in public.

The only comment I ever got was the first time I did it. A family with three young boys (4,6 &8ish?) were all staring, the Mum apologised for them all, they were amazed because they’d never seen such a tiny baby (Felix was born very early at 32 weeks weighing 4lb 12oz). I was my first trip out in public, and made it memorable!!

These days, with the pump I don’t think anything about it… but have had some strange looks as I shove my hand down the front of my top/dress to retrieve it from my bra!!