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@Annette – thanks for sharing your very brilliant spreadsheet! It’s proving extremely useful as since going on the pump (which to return to the thread topic is truly amazing @mustard … and I hope your other hubby is much better too)
I have realised that I too have a ‘monthly pattern’ that requires some basal rate changes (not achievable on MDI)
but here’s where I get cheeky… I’d like to add in an additional line/feature but being frankly cr@p at excel I don’t know how!…

I’m still twiddling about with my basal rates and ratios to some extent too. I’m doing a fair amount of correction bolus’ so would like to distinguish on the sheet between a food bolus and a correction bolus. I’ve got as far as adding in a line to enter the figures but how can I make this appear in the little bars on the graph… so where the little bolus bar is purple, it shows that a proportion of that bolus was a correction, maybe in a different colour so that I (and my DSN/doc) can see what proportion of my TDD is being made up of corrections…

am I making sense? and is this even possible?