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@John I don’t think a more comprehensive list exists I’m afraid, or I’ve certainly never seen anything.

If you’re not happy with the service, you do have to let them know, most of the time I think clinics assume they’re doing a great job until someone tells them otherwise. You need to make it clear to them what you need from them (within reason, and I don’t think wanting to have a chat about pump adjustments is unreasonable), and then push until you get that.

The other option is to become the expert yourself. I’ve always done all my own pump adjustments, I just read Pumping Insulin by John Walsh and followed the logic in there with a bit of trial and error (which to be honest is all the Dr’s are doing too!). I know people like to work in different ways, but would that be an option? If you know how to bolus for 5 Mars bars and reduce your insulin to compensate for the energy expended in digging the hole, you must be pretty good at this already ;)