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Thanks for your replies. The Input list is helpful, in that it’s a list, but I’m not sure how up to date it is, and I was really hoping for something a bit more comprehensive, with makes of pump supported, and numbers of pump users, to try and get an idea of how switched on they are.
Lizz – I don’t know if I should say where I go, now I’ve been rather rude about their services! I’ll never waitress in Torquay again!
As for user groups etc – it makes me feel rather weary. I’ve been waiting for pump adjustments since my appointment in May, and I’ve just been sent an appointment for October. All these veiled, unknown threats about improving my HBa1c or else seem to lose their urgency now. I read in my newspaper recently that 80% of diabetics don’t achieve their blood sugar goals. Implication being that they don’t try, not that it’s a massive massive failure on the part of diabetes clinics. What’s the point of having pumps if no-one can work them, and if half the pump (CGM) is missing? This probably counts as un;