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Hi Richard,
I started on the Omnipod from MDI 6 months ago and generally think its an improvment to my life, I seem to have more energy, less sugar swings etc, the only downsides really are when the technology gets the better of me, ie Does a high blood sugar mean a) bad carb guess, b) am I getting ill? c ) is there an occlusion, d) has the cannula inserted properly, e) is high sugar due to new pod settling in? This sounds like a lot of whining but really I wouldn’t change back and I think a lot of new pumpers find this.

I’ve just been testing the Omnipod on holiday in Corfu and it all worked brilliantly, I spent the week in water and the pod stayed on and remained discreetly positioned at the back of my bikini, (should I be sharing this with strangers, well why not ?). Lows weren’t too low but Greece has always been a place where you meet other type 1’s under the table as I occasionally forget that you should never ever bolus until food is in front of you. Actually I think at the moment you might even meet hypers under the table too as the poor Greek sods are probably having difficulty getting any insulin at all. That digression aside, do let me know how you get on as I don’t know many other Omnipoder’s either and am still learning.