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Welcome both to life beyond a boring old pancreas….Only been diagnosed myself for just over 6 months and as Tim says things do get a lot better and easier to manage. Loving the “organised is good” from a few folks, that’s me out of the frame as I’m rubbish at that kind of stuff! I took the wimps way out when first diagnosed and went onto twice daily Novomix 30 which was the easy(?) option or so I thought, it works but daily readings are up and down a lot and the level of control just isnt there. After reading some blurb I’m using it 3 times a day and am starting to carb count to get a better handle on it. Seems to be working but I’m gonna get my finger out and go onto MDI’s as soon as poss. Mind you the 2 HbA1c’s I’ve done have been 6.5 and 6.2 so I’m in the ball park for now.

Whatever happens just keep laughing about it as much as you can, my favourite game to cheer myself up is shooting up in random places to see if anybody comments (not yet boo). Formal dinners are great ‘cos you get to leg it using the “gotta inject” excuse when things get boring!(see there’s an advantage straight away.

Keep smiling :)