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Thanks for the replies, its interesting to hear other diabolics (my mums name for it!) experiences.

I usually do my Lantus about 11 pm, and wake about 7.30, so it should have kicked in by then. Maybe I am going hypo in the night though it used to wake me up or i’d know the next day as i’d feel pretty rough but maybe i have lost those warning signs? I’ll try the wake up and test thing soon i promise (have just over a week away on holidays coming up from this weekend so I have a feeling the lifestyle change will make any investigations pointless at the moment). Need to rule it out though i suppose.

@Hilary – I have upped my Lantus by 2 units this week (used to be 18, now 20) and it hasnt made much difference, may try another 2 units tonight, in fact now, its 11pm! I have previously tried stuff like changing the vial of lantus thinking it was defective, and altering my injection site (in case of a fatty build up) but neither seemed to solve the mystery, it just seems to rectify itself of its own accord after a while.

I was just pretty amazed that such a thing as DP existed and i knew nothing about it, i’ve been diabletic for 20 years, and think of myself as pretty clued up, and have a very good health care team but had never heard of it til this week when i found it from some googling. But then again you do have to take some stuff you read on the net with a massive pinch of salt!!!

@Stephen – Do you mind me asking when and why exactly you changed to 2 Lantus injections? and do you find it helps?

Thanks for the replies again!