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Just to update this neglected thread (not unreasonably neglected, given we’re a diabetes website not a book group); I’ve read the following recently:

* The Complete Sherlock Holmes – don’t bother with the novels, the short stories are great.

* Jacked: The unauthorized behind-the-scenes story of Grand Theft Auto – David Kushner. Quite an interesting story about GTA’s development. For some reason there aren’t many books about the video game industry (considerably higher grossing than the film industry) so this is a reasonable read even though it’s not very well written.

* Fifty Shades of Grey – E L James. Bloody awful. Reflects badly both on the publishing industry and, indeed, the porn industry.

* A Great and Terrible King: Edward I and the Forging of Britain – Marc Morris. Hugely entertaining romp about a king who was a really clever bastard. Recommended if you like that sort of thing.

* Stonemouth – Iain Banks. The Crow Road rehashed again, cf Steep Approach to Garbadale.

* A History Of Scotland – Neil Oliver. Oddly irritating; author’s voice gets in the way all the time.

And I’m just reading Gang of One – Gary Mulgrew. Will report back in a month or two.