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Diabetes costs NHS £75 trillion, billion, squillion a year

This morning the BBC reports that “The majority of NHS spending on diabetes is avoidable, says a report in the journal Diabetic Medicine. It suggests that 80% of the NHS’s £9.8bn annual UK diabetes bill goes on the cost of treating complications.” Who’da thought that prevention of complications now through the provision of quality equipment… Read More »

Diabetics need to control blood pressure

The BBC reports today that half of people with diabetes are failing to keep control of their blood pressure, risking “damaging” complications, figures suggest.The analysis of NHS data in England by Diabetes UK showed the number of people not hitting their target has been stuck at about 50% in recent years. This dog doesn’t worry… Read More »

Medtronic to sponsor marathon runners

Everyone’s second favourite diabetic peripheral manufacturer Medtronic sent one of their hired thugs around to my kennel this morning and threatened to drown me if I didn’t tell you all about their new sponsorship opportunities. Medtronic Global Heroes®* is apparently “A cooperative effort between Twin Cities in Motion and the Medtronic Foundation” and “the Global… Read More »

Great name for EU diabetes project

Long time Shoot Up lurker Woolfy tipped this dog off about the latest project which highlights the contribution of our governments to the continuing image problem of diabetes. What’s the project called? Diabesity. Yes, Diabesity. Oh my golly-gosh. Anyway, the website – should you choose to look at it – can be found here: http://www.diabesity.eu/

Peninsula researchers’ defective gene may help diabetics

A study of people born without a pancreas has provided a “key” which could help those with Type 1 diabetes. The discovery of a defective gene – GATA6 – was made by Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry researchers at the University of Exeter. This dog always likes stories about diabetes breakthroughs but sometimes thinks… Read More »

News headlines: diabetes111111 project and interview with Diabetes UK

*Ding, dong, ding, dong, ding-dong, ding-dong* /sound of Big Ben rendered in text The headline’s today: *Doooooong* Friend of Shoot Up, @Mikeinspain is running a project at http://www.diabetes111111.com that he’s asked us to plug. *Doooooong* Mike would like to invite everyone from the DOC both online and offline to take part if possible by taking a Diabetes… Read More »

Diabetes reporting in newspapers

Discussing newspaper articles on the blog is becoming so formulaic that this dog has resorted to a form style of reporting: An article in [insert newspaper title] published yesterday reported on [the rising diabetes epidemic / a new miracle cure / the cost to the NHS of diabetes] (delete as applicable). The reporter [confused type… Read More »

JDRF does type one in parliament

According to a press release that arrived in my doggy basket recently, everyone’s second favourite diabetes charity the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation has launched a competition to give sixty adults and children with type 1 diabetes the chance to have their say about the issues and challenges they face to MP’s and government officials at… Read More »