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The ungrateful diabetic

The pancreatically challenged have a virtual army of people right around the world looking at ways to improve our health, our lives and ultimately make sure that the thousands of pounds a year required to keep us alive goes into their pockets rather than their competitors. In order to get their grubby little mitts on… Read More »

Enlite – a couple of months in

I’m a couple of months into life with the new Enlite CGM sensors, so how’s it going? Have my thoughts changed since my first impressions? Insertion. Genuinely, it has never hurt once when I’ve inserted an Enlite sensor. The marketing spiel claimed it wouldn’t hurt, but I didn’t actually believe it! I’ve got the hang… Read More »

Animas Vibe gains CE mark approval

The day has come! Finally there is viable competition in the integrated pump and CGM marketplace. After more than 5 years of monopoly status for Medtronic, Animas have finally gained CE mark approval for their Vibe pump with integrated Dexcom CGM. Apparently it will launch first in United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy and Sweden. According… Read More »