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Back to the daily grind

Panic over! I’m back! The mighty wheels of diabetes blogging can slowly start turning again now that I’m back from my holiday and I can safely fire up WordPress and pollute the Internet with putrescent drivel about diabetes. As we all know, holidays can sometimes be difficult with the ‘betes. Odd meals at odd times,… Read More »

It’s bucket and spade time

Well, it’s that time of the year when I again leave you in the very capable hands of my co-writer as Katie and I go on our holidays. As with every year, make sure you’re all on your best behaviour for Alison and when I come back I expect the place to be clean and… Read More »


Tra la la la laaaa! I’ve packed my bucket and spade and Katie and I are off on our holidays for a fortnight. Incredible though it might seem (not least to me) I won’t have any Internet access at all (pretty scary, eh, readers?)  So I’m going to leave you in the very capable hands… Read More »

We’re all going on a summer holiday

Well chaps, your soaraway Shoot Up is off on its summer holidays – so no blog posts for a fortnight, I’m afraid. However, you can still get your Internet-related diabetes-fix over on the forums or by commenting on older articles. If you fancy a holiday from diabetes stuff and want some silliness then why not… Read More »