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Exercise is good for you

Exercise is good for you. Yes, I know, you don’t really want to hear it. When the DSN asks “Are you keeping active?” do your possible answers include: ‘Does walking from the sofa to the fridge count?’ No, she won’t buy that. ‘Of course I am, I walk to the pub every night!’ No, that’ll… Read More »

Ten Tonne Tubby Timmy

After a summer diet consisting pretty much exclusively of whisky and protein I now resemble the character Greed in gory chucklefest Se7en. There are now two alternatives for me – I can either be tortured to death by a particularly inventive serial killer named John Doe, or I can cut out the whisky and do… Read More »

A Tour de Force

I’m a huge cycling fan. So much so that I even occasionally go out on my lovely Genesis road bike and tootle about the Pentland hills, which is always rather nice. But every July everything stops while we have the wondrous Tour de France and I’m always glued to the box to catch up on… Read More »