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The Tale of the Drunk Diabetic

By Samantha Beer. It’s brilliant stuff. It tastes nice and it gets you tipsy. However, for a diabetic, it can be pretty nasty. The thing with beer is that it shoots the blood sugar levels through the roof and then later on the diabetic in question goes hypo. And if after drinking enough beer to… Read More »

A soaraway success

Tim: I awoke this morning with a slight hangover, but still flush with the wild success of Shoot Up’s first ever meet up / piss up. As advertised in those articles down the page, my esteemed co-writer Alison along with her husband Geoff ventured north of the border and braved the cold, rain and general… Read More »

The retox weekend

Recently I was delighted to be invited on a weekend away. I was delighted for two reasons, first it was the stag weekend of my chum Ru and it thus marked the fact that his and HP’s three-hundred year long engagement was finally coming to an end and they would, at last, become man and… Read More »