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Diabetic women can have healthy babies

This morning I woke to these motivating, uplifting words on the radio news bulletin…”Diabetic women are four times more likely to have a child with birth defects. This is because they struggle to control their blood sugars.” Well happy Monday everyone. Now, we all know how hard it is to please a diabetic so I’m… Read More »

Dog eats DUK hummingbird

This dog is hanging its head in shame and would like to apologise for its behaviour. Having indulged in one too many glasses of port over the festive season he briefly lost control and ate the Diabetes UK hummingbird. He is very sorry that a lot of hard work has had to go into producing… Read More »

Blood glucose meter inventor dies

This dog hangs his head in shame as he’s just realised he had no idea who invented the first portable blood glucose monitor until he read his obituary today. This much better informed dog now knows that Sheffield-born electronics engineer Stanley Clark invented said device in his spare time whilst living in Australia, motivated by his 5… Read More »