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Pull Yourself Together!

ShootUp’s resident Type 2 Terry gives a personal insight into the complication of diabetes we often forget…depression.  How often has that been said to you?  Maybe not very often, because people have learned to avoid using this somewhat patronising phrase when people are suffering from depression.  There, I’ve said it, the big ’D’ word; depression.… Read More »

The invisible diabetics

Diabetes is crap. However, despite being diabetic, I consider myself to be broadly well adjusted and moderately sane and I generally have a good attitude to life, the universe and everything. Considering I have been diagnosed with a condition that I’ll have for life and could well contribute to my untimely death, I believe I… Read More »

Diabetes burnout

Looking around the interweb, there’s a lot of it around. I haven’t had a full on burnout but I’ve certainly had times when I’ve felt severely scorched by the whole diabetes thing and in desperate need of some time away from the flames. At the moment things are going okay diabetes-wise (she says, clutching her lucky rabbit’s foot, touching… Read More »