Using the blog and forums

Hello you! We want your input to our website – yes, yours! However, if you’re not entirely confident about what the hell these blog things are about, Tim’s put together a quick guide for you; yay!

Creating a Shoot Up account

By far the easiest way to join in with the untold misery is to set up an account with us. To do this click  “create an account” in the top right corner, fill in your details and hey presto! you’ll have a Shoot Up account. You can also sign in using your Facebook credentials by clicking the “Log in with Facebook” button which is, again, in the top right.

Feel free to post to under a pseudonym if you prefer a degree of anonymity.

Just to be a pain your “Username” can only be made up of lower case letters and numbers and can’t have a space. This is irritating I know. Whatever you put in the “Name” field is the bit that will be displayed on the site next to your comments or posts and it’s much more flexible.

Commenting on the blog

If you strongly agree or disagree (or, equally, you’re entirely ambivalent) about something we’ve said in a post then leave a comment, to do this:

  • Log into your Shoot Up account
  • Click at the top or bottom of the article click where it says [xxx comments] – “xxx” is the number of comments we’ve had on that article.
  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and leave your reply where is says, uhm, “Leave your reply”
  • Your first comment will need to be approved either by Tim or Alison before it’s published. This is to check you’re not an evil spammer.
  • Subsequent comments will probably go through on the nod, but the magic automated systems may flag your comment as suspicious, so it’ll need to be checked by either of us. Don’t worry, whatever happens your comments will appear fairly soon. Unless you’re an evil spammer.
  • You can also use your account to post on the forums – speaking of which:

Using the forums

The forums can be used for longer discussions and you can start your own discussions threads.

  • Navigate to or click the “Forums” tab at the top right
  • Log in at the top right if you want to comment
  • Click into the topic you want to comment on, scroll to the end and enter your comment in the “Add a reply” box
  • To create new topic hit [New Topic] and fill in the comment form.

Sharing our articles

  • Feel free to use the handy icons at the bottom of each article to post said article onto your favourite social networking site.
  • We also have a Facebook fan page you can join if you fancy. How Web 2.0 (whatever that means…) We also have a twitter account which is mainly manned by Tim.

Getting a little picture next to your name

You’ll see that some people have a photo next to their comments on the blog and forum; if you want your own you can either:

  • 1) Navigate to and set up an account with them using the email address you use with your account here
  • 2) Set up an account here, log in and navigate here –[your user name]/profile/change-avatar/ and follow the instructions to upload a picture
  • Next time you log in, your picture will automatically show up. Hurrah!
  • Alternatively if you’ve logged in via Facebook, it’ll copy your user picture from there and use that instead.

Top tips for using Shoot Up

  • The easiest way to see what’s going on is through the Activity tab, posts and comments from the forums and blog will appear here. Click where it says “[xxx] minutes ago” to get to the latest comment on the forums.
  • And finally, if you sign up for an account you have to post something within 14 days, otherwise the system will assume your account is a spam account and it’ll be automatically deleted. You can always sign up for another account though.

Speak your brains