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A needling problem

A needling problem

Type One diabetes is an endocrine disorder in which your body’s pancreas stops producing insulin. Type two diabetes is similar to Type One but instead your body does not produce effective insulin or your body just isn’t very good at using it.

That’s a reasonable definition of diabetes, but there is of course a lot more too it than a simple medical diagnosis. Once you have diabetes unfortunately you have it for life (there are exceptions with things like gestational diabetes, but we’ll come to those later). Once you are past the initial shock of diagnosis having diabetes is all about understanding how it affects you directly and the day-to-day management of the condition.

In these pages, we’ve tried to set down some practical thoughts and ideas about how to do just this. The authors of these pages both have Type One diabetes and have lived with it for years, so hopefully we can pass on a little of that experience. But, of course, it’s a two-way street and we also get advice, hints and tips from you via the blog and the forums – diabetes seems to be a condition where you never stop learning!

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