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      Not me, well I may be but that’s a separate issue….

      Item in today’s Daily Express. A surprisingly balanced article well written by a T1 on a pump. Also saw video story of this on DUK website I think


      Stand down Neville.

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      Neville will have to be disciplined for missing that one. Nice article @seasiderdave. I found myself reading it, waiting for the sting in the tail, but it wasn’t there. Well balanced and positive. I’m going to have a cup of tea to recover from the shock :)

      I’d never say I was proud to be diabetic – because I didn’t do anything to achieve my diabetes status so why would I be proud of it? But I’m not embarrassed or ashamed by it. And I am proud to be me. And I’m proud of having played at being a pancreas for so long without messing it up completely or going mad. So, other than some nitpicking around the headline, I’d agree with that chap.

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      There always has to be something, eh Alison? ;-)

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      If there isn’t something @Tim, there’s nothing to blog about :)

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      Annette A

      I’m sorry, he ‘enjoys’ being diabetic? And I quote:’Within 12 hours I was vomiting violently and lost a lot of weight as my body had digested all my body fat’ All his body fat? In 12 hours?
      I’m proud to have developed the mindset to be able to deal with my diabetes and all it throws at me. But no, I’m not proud to be diabetic, becasue, as @Alison says, I had absolutely nothing to do with becoming one.

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