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      Hi Everyone,

      I’ve had one of those days when I feel a bit sorry for myself (is it such a big thing to want some toast with marmalade, and for it not to affect my blood sugar levels or the IBS?), and after airing my frustrations to my poor husband I feel a lot better (although I’m sure I’ve put a slight downer on his afternoon – oops). So, my question is, when you feel a bit sad about the diabetes what cheers you up?

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      It’s crap and sometimes nothing can help. However, the thought that 100 years ago I wouldn’t have made it through 30+ years of stabbing myself sort of puts it in perspective. Although we all feel down about ‘it’ now and again it really is a case of thinking about those who’ve not been as lucky in life’s lottery. I have a friend who is currently fighting the latter stages of cancer and I know how lucky I am to be in a modern world that can, relatively, manage my condition.

      So in summary, nup, nothing I say can make you feel better and it’s normal to feel down about it but, and it is a big but, the things outside our testing and occasionally weird behaviour, such as friends and family are much more important.

      Chin up x

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      Alcohol helps quite a bit. Occasionally doing a bolus and then having chocolate. And having some alcohol as well. Cuddling the dog. Chatting to friends on a forum. Chatting to a friend who I can meet in real life! Buying/reading a book. Whilst drinking alcohol.

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      I find ranting at the husband helps a lot – he generally takes it in the spirit it’s meant rather than taking it too personally! And like Liz, alcohol always helps. A good walk in the fresh air helps too, but I find it really hard to drag myself away from the wine to get out there! Reading your comments on the blog raises a smile too, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one out there.

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      Yup – a good bitch to @Katie works well for me and she usually does a brilliant job of reminding me how good at diabetes I usually am (she’s a great liar!)

      A bit of fresh air – either walking or biking – makes me feel a million times better. Fortunately we live 5 minutes walk from the Pentland hills, so a nice walk is very easy to do!

      Oh, all that and a nice glass or two of a decent red!

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      Thanks everyone – have to say, the biggest thing that cheered me up yesterday was looking back at the day’s blood tests and seeing all but one of them in the good range (makes a difference from the usual 4am hypo followed by highs)! (Oh and the glass of wine when I got home ha ha).

      And Dave, you’re right – in the grand scheme of things diabetes isn’t that bad. Know a couple of people with cancer right now and given the choice diabetes is a better option.

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      I never really get too upset by bad figures. I try to work out what caused them and try to stop it from happening again next time.

      For example, I woke up at 9.9 this morning. Not great, but not the end of the world. Rather than giving myself a kicking, I just thought back to the night before and two vast helpings of trifle I scoffed down (oh, I love trifle!) round at my in-laws. Last time I had trifle I was up in the 20s for hours!

      So a distinct improvement this time round! :-)

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