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      Hi guys

      I was wandering if anyone has suffered from severe weight fluctuation (think i spelt that correctly!) I have found that the less i control my diabetes the more weight i lose; however when i am in control i put massive ammounts of weight on. To me it seems like i have to decide between being skinny and ill or fat and happy. Has anyone else encountered this? Ive been trying to conteract this by taking less novorapid as i heard its bad for weight gain and upping my nightly insulin.

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      I was as skinny as hell when I was first diagnosed, as:

      no insulin = no break down of carbs = break down fat instead (producing nasty ketones as a side-effect).

      So I guess this is what’ll be happening if your BG is high all the time.

      Personally, I’ve gone for fat and happy! I’m not exactly porky but I could probably shed a pound or two and try to do that by exercising (sometimes) by going out on my bike. I find exercise does actually make me feel better and actually helps my control for whatever reason.

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      Annette A

      My consultant explained it as the better your control, the less of your food is being passed out as sugars in your pee, and thus more is being stored, so the more weight you tend to put on. (He then looked at me, looked at my weight record, and went ‘but you’re alright, you dont need to worry’ – did make me wonder why he bothered to say it in the first place.) My DSN also said that exercise makes your cells more resilient to insulin resistance, which is why exercise helps with control even if you dont lose weight by it.
      To lose weight – eat less, do more, or both. Don’t use insulin to do it. (Or develop an inability to properly digest fat, but that’s one I wouldn’t advise.)

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      I’ve not got weight issues, as I am one of those annoying people that doesn’t put much weight on ever, some, yes, but not much. But I find exercise really helps my control, the 10 mile round trip on my bike for work, even just 2-3 times a week, really helps my BGs stay reasonable.

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