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      Been a wee while since I was last on but had loads of uni work to do so I decided to head up north and spend a couple of weeks up past Inverness – unfortunately I didn’t make it to the rockness festival :-( After having a night out with friends in Dundee on the Sunday night I came home the following day, and suffered from a monstrous migraine and spewing (NOT due to the alcohol intake as I was good and played taxi!). What do you do when you’re sick? I always worry in case:
      a) I don’t make it to the loo in time
      b) I take insulin then I’m sick (how much of my carbs have been absorbed if they end up down the loo?)
      c) What if my blood sugar goes chicken oriental when I eventually fall asleep after hours of worrying?
      d? Where do I put my sick-day rules info when I need it?!

      Does anyone else worry uneccessarily (excuse the spelling) when they’re ill or is it just me? I have visions of me ending up in hospital and have horrible dreams.

      Just as an aside – why is it when the doorbell rings nobody else in the house answers it when you’re busy and they leave it to you?

      Hope you’re all enjoying the sunny weather too! :-)

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