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Cheers Folks,

I figure my lovely Liver is doing its thing really well as it’s working out that Ive not eaten in the morning and chucking bucket loads of glucose into my system in the misapprehension that I actually have some Beta cells left that work. Guess something still works eh?

I’ve only been on B/B for a few weeks so I reckon I shouldn’t get too upset at weird readings – I had the Novomix down pat but got ticked off at too many Hypo’s and having to be totally regimented in my eating times hence the change to something allegedly more manageable.

Currently bunging 26u Lantus into my Gluteus(not so)Maximus before bed and am going from there, will see if an increase is needed as I go.

Hilarious thing is – I haven’t seen my DSN since diagnosis in 2010, should have seen her face when she realised I’d been missed off the system but was doing ok thank you very much on my own! Me 1 – Churchill Hospital Oxford 0. She did mention a pump but after looking at 3 years of record cards fiured that my control was ok and I probably wouldn’t qualify.

Good to see you enjoying the Lakes Tim, will be up there soon on two wheels hooning round Kirkstone and Whinlatter!