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Hairy Gnome

You know you’re diabetic when:
Your urinary system has more traffic than a MacDonalds Drive Through! (I flatly refuse to use the non-word “thru”!)
The skin on the soles of your feet feels a quarter inch thick.
You lie in bed and it feels as if your toe nails are being peeled back.
The ends of your fingers look like they have some form of miniature acne.
Like @Tim, you find paper needle seals everywhere.
You keep checking on the Intermaweb for newer versions of your current BG meter,
Think Accu-Chek 360 is more fun than World of Warcraft.

I’ve stopped using sharps bins. I used to have to phone up my District Council to arrange collection and they sent a man in a van to pick up the full one; which, incidentally, had to be in a bright yellow bin bag. The waste! I now use a needle clipper (available on prescription) which seems to last forever. The needle caps go in the bin, along with lancets and test strips. Funnily enough, my lancets and test strips don’t seem to migrate, maybe that’s because I have an ashtray to put them in! :D Any full/knackered needle clippers are surreptitiously dumped in the sharps bin when I visit my DSN.