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Lucozade, I adored the stuff. I actually downed half a bottle on my way to see the GP when I suspected my pancreatic failure…my twistedly hyperglycaemic thinking there was that I didn’t want them to ‘miss’ it. No fear of that with a BG of 29.
I don’t allow myself it as a hypo fix though. I know that if I bought a bottle I’d probably end up drinking the whole thing and taking enough Humalog to kill a small horse, followed by the inevitable couple of litres of water and probably a nap.

The strips in socks situation used to occur when I was using a One Touch Ultra, with it’s fiddly little strips. Sharp too. How they ended up in my socks, I will never know. Doesn’t really happen to me now with my maaaassive Accu-Chek Aviva strips.

You know you’re diabetic when…
…you find yourself strangely drawn to all numbers between four and seven