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Hi Carrie :)

On my experience I think your instincts are right too. We were told over and over about how hard work it would be and how you need trained well and must have done DAFNE etc before getting a pump. It’s my son who has type 1 and has a pump. He got it just after turning 17, a year ago.

As he was too young for DAFNE he got one to one with a dietician who taught him DAFNE principles. His 1:8 ratios were changed to 1:10, he was to stop counting veg and other stuff he would normally count in to his cho total and all in all DAFNE principles made him high and ill! Absolute waste of NHS money when he could carb count and had good control already. His pump training consisted of going through the quick start guide with the DSN and we were left feeling is that it? First impression was this so called ‘complicated device’ was not that complicated, we thought there must be more to it!? Marc put his all in to making MDI work for him, but it never really did, it could be soul destroying when you try so hard but still get silly numbers, highs or hypos appearing from no where! So although there is definitely a transition period when you start a pump, and you feel knackered with all the testing required to set basals and levels aren’t great for a while, it is so worth it. As levels start to settle down and you are not testing all the time you really see the benefit of the pump. Marc levels are so much better since pumping. Most days he will normally not go over 10 mmols when as before most days he would go over 10! If he gets a high or hypo now it’s easier to understand where it came from and so easy to correct.

I know everyone is different and the change to a pump can be frustrating for some, (I have heard many people say they had days they wanted to throw the pump out the window at the start) it can take a while to set your basals but from day 1 Marc has not looked back. He feels much better and has more energy, he feels more normal and life is more flexible. I say go for it, if you don’t like it and it’s not right for you, you can always go back to MDI after giving it a good go first though! I think everyone should try a pump so they can make an informed decision on the treatment they prefer.

Good luck!